Friday, December 10, 2010

2011-what does it look like?

I would love to hear from you all -

What do you believe 2011 holds for you?
What is the Father emphasizing into the new year?
What direction are you setting for your church?
How is the gospel affecting your business?
What are the "must read" books?
What is your big adventure in 2011?




  1. ‎2011 means finish, the last hour of work begins, it will also be the year where we will see the Lion of Judah arise over the spirit of darkness. 2010 was a dry season for most of us. 2011 will be season of Gods Rain on the believers. I feel in my spirit that there is going to be a great move of Holy Spirit 2011 in South Africa.

  2. I am thinking that 2011 holds a renewing of the Lord's call on my life. I have had a reawakening to hearing His voice these past few months, so I am waiting for any medium He wants to use.

    I have been considering 2011 to be a year of Adoration. While I don't set the direction for our church, being part of the leadership I am hoping that we can return to a focused time of listening and learning the heart of God, while praising him for the grace that He pours out daily for our calling and purpose.

    This year, I am reading a few books. I started Forgotten God by Francis Chan, and I intend to finish it. I was not in a place for it the last time I read it. I am also going to be reading a few books about Biblical Healing (titles are slipping my mind right now) that my late father-in-law left in my posession.

    My business and big adventures this coming year will be the hearts and minds of the men in Tyler. I am planning another Men's Retreat this year in late October. Camping, grilling and guy stuff, check. Initiation into manhood, check. A deeper call to purpose, discipleship, and accountability, check.

    I am also looking forward to the Equip 2011 time in Denver.

  3. With three years behind us now we are seeing God's investment in our foundations starting to produce some potency in our ministries, emergence of wonderful leadership (in our leaders) and clarity in the areas & communities in our town & region that God has for us to impact. We've got clarity, energy, vision and great points of access local & regional mission! A great place to be after these years of planting. The major change we're seeing now is the move from 'a leader' to 'a leadership' in the functioning of the church. Our challenge and prayer is for the strengthening of the leaders and the leadership team which we see playing an increasing role (as a team) in moving the church into what God has for us & to ensure we keep releasing people into the serving-grace on their lives. This will add a new flavour to us, bringing new days & new ways of operating. Exciting but daunting, as its all new ground again.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Brad says - We are coming up to the end of our first year here in Australia. 2010 was a year of setting out the area for the digging of foundations and putting some pick and shovel to the ground. We have had 98 people through our doors this first year, some have gone, but some have stayed. We will build with those that want to build with us. 2011 is a year for going deeper in intimacy with the Father, learning about how to steward the kingdom withing and release it into our community, the work place, schools, shops etc. to see the love of the Father reach those around us. To many we are the only Jesus they will see. It is also a year of pressiing the current boundries in which we have lived with regardis to the glory of God, reaching new levels of encounters with Him, yet finding in scripture the language to both back up what we are seeing and ecperienceing and to be be able to onteach it to others so that we can sustain this move of God.
    It will also be a year of the current relationships with the guys in the church to grow deeper and addition in number to us as well.
    As a church we want to make a real impact in our community where people will come for restoration, healing, deliverance. Where the poor can come in and feel rich, where the lonley can be apart of a family not just a sunday service. We are not so much as planting a church as we are establishing a kingdom culture.

    Books to read:
    1. Busy with 'The end for which all things were made' by Jonathan Edwards

    2. Re-read 'When heaven Invades earth' by Bill Johnson (To read at least once a year)

    3. 'Culture of Honor' by Danny Silk

    4. 'Miracle workers, reformers and new mystics' by John Crowder (a re-read)

    5. 'God is not one' (a secular book about the 8 major religions in the world, very interesting take by the professor of religion at Boston Uni, a must read for those leading churches in First world contexts)

    6. 'Re-Jesus' by Alan Hirsh & Frost