Thursday, January 27, 2011

From the hill tops I.

We have just had the most delightful few days away. 13 of us went to a cabin outside of Houston Texas. As pastors / planters some are new to our friendship world whilst others have loved the friendships for 30 years. With no agenda but 'hanging', we laughed our way through the 4 days. With the explosion of endless shooting, the necessary fireside story retelling, and the spontaneous theological convos, we loved our time together.

I am learning so much these days. Always captivated by the timeless truths of Genesis 1 and 2, I cannot but seek to find the solutions to earthly challenges without first referring to these 2 chapters of the sacred text. The matrix of "family", is so often the frame for the practical solutions the church stumbles over. In the west, there is a temptation to seek clarity by either embracing the trauma of the corporate business model - impersonal, professional and hierachical; or there is the drift towards the influence of rampant individualism that repeats the fragility of the book of Judges ["everyone did what seemed right in their own eyes"].

Both of these are counter scripture. The family is the biblical matrix. From the mandate of the garden, to the Abrahamic story, through the Jesus journey, measured by the model of the Acts communities and epistle education, the family is the default button for the divine architecture. The 4 generational heart of "Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the boys," is matched with the Pauline apo appeal of 2 Tim 2:2 "what you have heard from me, teach faithful men who will teach others also".

May I propose where most movements go wrong, is the fathers wait way too long to move from their positions of leadership - el dulce - to the role of releasing their sons to become fathers in their own right. This almost 'grandpa' role, is absolutely essential to the journey of families multiplied, not organizations established. May I honor my dear friend Terry Virgo. I have watched him start the process of empowering sons to become fathers in the NF story. Whilst they are chartering new waters, I do so commend them for pioneering a way for many to follow.

In my next blog, we will look at Ex 17 in this regard....

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  1. Brad says - Chris you are so right in what you are saying. Living in a Western Country, Australia, and especially here on the Gold Coast, our most difficult challenge is to get the folk to understand that we are a family. Family and community is lacking here. I often think back to our days on the Bluff in South Africa, and long to have something of the close community/family lifestyle we enjoyed as believers.
    I loved just showing up at a mates house un-announced to have a coffee and chat, playing touch rugby on the beach, hanging around BBQ's chatting kingdom and life etc.

    It seems that in most of the western world this is sadly not the case. I think that this is something that we need to re-pioneer into these wonderful nations that once had it but somehow lost it.

    My belief is that without this close family concept of church we will live in lack with regards to the kingdom being expressed into our cities.

    We press on.