Thursday, May 12, 2011

Letting God finish my fathering...

The news came through on my iPhone yesterday as I was driving on the LA freeways - the song the my daughter Daena Jay sang for ABC TV [ "Home Again"] has been nominated for an EMMY award. M and I got so chocked up as we sought to let her know. God is so kind.

Why is this so amazing? When we moved to the States, it was such a surprise for us. We had wanted to move to the East to take the Gospel to the billions of people who do not know the name of Jesus there. Yet God spoke so clearly to us that the USA was our next gospel destination. Arriving in LA to replant that community was very tough. Not the people but the challenge of the mandate, the history of the community and the enemy's efforts to spoil our labor. In the heat of the replant we had to make many calls that required sacrifice for and from our children. Added to this wildly busy time, was that, on occasion, they had been approached by agencies - for Nas to model and Daena to go to TV. We resisted these temptations. Too busy and too many pitfalls.

As a dad, I often asked God not to let my bad decisions prove to be a hinderance for my children. Every public "no" to an opportunity, did leave me privately wondering if I was somehow messing with my children's future. I simply had to trust this wonderful God that he would complete the work in their lives. So I have seen God at work. He has finished my fathering where I have been limited and short sighted. He has perfected their story where I have erred. He has opened doors when I was not able to see them. God is so good. His immanence is overwhelming.

Whether the song wins or not is not my place of worship today. As I write this blog, I am so awed by His goodness. For those, who like us, have sacrificed for the sake of the gospel, my story tells you, watch God finish the journey for your children. Your acts of generosity have not gone unnoticed in the wonder of eternity. Our good God is busy with your story too. He has seen the games your children did NOT play. He has noted the toys that you could not afford and the opportunities you did not let your kids take up. My Father has seen and will finish the story. He loves our children more than we do. He is committed to them walking out every act of kindness he has scheduled for them. He is their Father and for that I am most grateful.

Thank you...

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  1. Chris, your honest, heartfelt blog postings are a huge encouragement to me. I want to thank you for continuing to post what is burning on your heart .... you challenge me, encourage me, inspire me!
    Thank you for being so real! I'm so grateful to God for you :)