Thursday, October 27, 2011


C2C was amazing. I loved every part of the few days we had together.

Intentionally designed in such a way that the planter could connect to the modus operandi, the format seemed to work. Rather than go big, we went small, personal and interactory. Instead of the large band approach that the planter simply cannot have, we had amazing worship from 4 churches, where a voice and 1 instrument was more than we could have imagined as God met with us.

I so enjoyed the diversity of the catalytic teaching - Terry Virgo - apostle, father, Brit and been church planting for over 30 years. Jeff Vanderstelt - emerging apostle, inspiring missional community model, seeking to engage the post-modern, post-christian America. Alan Hirsch - seer, prophetic mobilizer of the church to a new story... I loved it all.

We coffee'd together, ate together, dialogued together. Listening, learning and leading all at the same time. Rock Harbor hosted wonderfully.

The big question now is - 'Where to from here?'
Do we host another one next year? Or
Do we maintain the integrity of intimacy by having one in Canada, one on the East Coast and the West Coast one?
Or was only a one off gathering and it has done its job?

Lets see what the Spirit says to the church....

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