Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is a most remarkable time of the year. As the winter chill begins to knock on our door, and the sounds of Christmas are matched with the smells of Thanksgiving, I am so glad to be living in America.

Thanks giving is my favorite American Holiday. M and I love being around a table, well presented, with oodles of food - each masterly 'chef-ed' to family perfection. Of course, the music has to be elegantly celebratory. The lights need to soften the corners of the room with regal ambiance. The cutlery and crockery has to presented with motherly affection and the wines chosen with fatherly revelation [OK that was a little dramatic!]

Tomorrow my family will sit around the table and we will thank the Lord - what a story! What a privilege! What a life! We will savor the moment. The palates will be satisfied. The eyes a little tender with gratitude but the hands will be steady as we toast...

An amazing God whose kindness has enveloped us;
A wondrous gospel that never ceases to surprise us;
Family who have journeyed on several continents together;
Friends who have stood with us in some of the darkest moments of our lives;
Strangers who have stepped into a space of our lives thru divine generosity;
Community that remains God's loudest redemption trumpet call;
A limping world that still breaks our heart, but we will continue to give ourselves away to love you.

Have a reflective thanksgiving, never losing its sheer beauty.

Muchos gracias

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