Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Update

M and I will be involved in the following situations this month:

In Sacramento CA with Rick and Cath as they set out on their multi-site journey;

Exploration - 'Pastoring Pastors and Wives' is our current conversation - we are chatting around "Marriage and Ministry", here in Orange County CA;

In Rock Harbor, working with Todd Proctor on many fronts, but the exiting pilot happening, is "The Timothy Project" - an intro to leadership we are holding monthly for the next few months to see the emergence of the next wave of RH leaders;

In Dubai UAE, M and I are honored to be with Mike and Charmaine and the whole Well of Life crew, both in the local community as well as speaking at their church planting conference;

On the way back from the Middle East, we will spend a few days with Sean and Nola and their community in Reading UK, as they explore the 'missional community' route, as well as the pastors that they are journeying with.

Added to this, I am trying to finish my book on 'Replanting', as I write "The Timothy Project" curriculum... oh for more time to write.

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