Thursday, February 23, 2012


When I get home from this trip...

I am going to pour myself into writing a book on apostles...

I would love your help

1. Any books you can recommend?
2. Any thoughts perspectives or questions you may have?
3. Stories that can help?
4. Any help with Church History on this one?



  1. QUESTION: Since apostles are "given to the church" (Ephesians 5) ...
    who would you say, by evidence of life and fruit, were apostles 'un-named' during other eras of church history ~ for example, what do you think of Father Junipero Serra?

  2. Hi Chris
    Sorry to have missed you in the UK!

    Interesting that the March edition of the National Geographic mag has a lead article on the life and impact of the early apostles (interesting to see where they ended up!).

    I enjoyed Robert Bank's take on Paul and his idea of community (Titled - Paul's' Idea of Community). Gives a really fresh idea on the apostolic heart and methods.