Thursday, June 14, 2012

Apostolic Empowering

I loved teaching at a gathering of around 120 planters, pastors and wives here in Durban yesterday. The deep sense of brotherhood, obvious love for Jesus, his bride and each other was palatable. Rory Dyer, my dear and deep friend, hosted the moment with real tender courage. I suspect that is exactly what these times need.

The book of Galatians was used to expand and explore the biblical framing for clarity in the present day reality. Essentially, Paul is answering 4 major questions / accusations:
1.   The questioning of his apostolic authority,
2.   The assault of legalism on the churches founded in gospel-grace,
3.   The leaning to existential behavior where Christianity becomes reduced to endless encounters,
4.   The vulnerability to cultural imperialism - where we sell our culture as biblical.

We need every apostolic sphere to be steam in on all cylinders. The subtle undermining of these emerging spheres is foolish. It is partnering with the devil in his game plan. Take out the leaders and a generation is lost. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.

God is raising up many new apostolic households / spheres. Just as there were many apostles in the New Testament, each with their own style, emphasis, ways yet being obedient to the Father, so too, there are many apostles being raised up in our hour.

They are not fancy CEO types nor celebrity, conference speakers. They are foundation layers, trench diggers, concrete workers. They are unglamorous but most necessary to empower a generation of new church dreamers on their journey. Some of these new apostles will be more Johanian - deeply invested in Communities of Love. Others will be big and large and home based. And others will take the more Pauline way of establishing works then, as they gain traction, they move on - the most challenging of them all.

Lets not be guilty of applying the arrogant comment: "Well I would not do it that way". That is not our call to make.It is not our story. But, by Galatians 2, we can applaud and endorse cool evolving God stories, watching as the Father does something very cool with them. Gracias.

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