Monday, August 27, 2012

Home time

What a remarkable trip down under! For 3 weeks we have spent time with remarkable men and women [and children] who have poured their heart and soul into the land of the "diggers".

I do love this nation. Coming here since Oct 1990, we have seen this nation and our small role in it go through some amazing transitions.

Seeing the tenacity of our friends in Brisbane, the creative evangelistic punch of our friends in Adelaide, and the pioneering passion of our friends in  Perth has been truly inspiring.

We came here to serve Jesus' 'girl', but we have come away loved and refreshed more than we imagined.

Folks there are saints out there who will receive great rewards for remarkably difficult assignments. We may not think much of their "success" but the kingdom surges under their "little by little they took the land".

It is a huge privilege to be a trench digger - a foundation layer. No it is not very glamorous, but boy is it satisfying. M and I love working with church planters - what a unique breed. We love working with those who labor replanting churches. This recalibration is so essential to refuel them. Then we feel so honored to be helping large churches become movements.

Wow - back to LA tomorrow for a very important next stage of this story

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