Saturday, September 1, 2012

Teaching Schedule for September

I love the fall here in LA. The edge of the overwhelming heat lifts as the city regroups after the long summer. Schools start up again, colleges stumble into the energy of freshmen arriving and the older students seeking to refocus after the break. The roads are busy again. The 'new year' has begun.

For M and I, we too refuel after the summer on the road. We had a remarkable trip to South Africa in June - our role there includes strategically working with some of the large base churches who are becoming movements in their own right. There is also the joy of helping friends who are developing their own apostolic spheres. This is simply a massive privilege.

July saw us back here in the LA area working with the local churches before we headed off to Australia. It has been 22 years of traveling in and out of Oz. We have learnt to love the nation, her people and the challenges of ministering in "the land down under". As the Father has been teaching us that the Ephesians 4 gifts are their to empower the churches on their journey - the churches are not there to empower the E4 gifts on their journey - so we can easily apply that in Oz. August was truly a most wonderful trip where we invested into a church that is replanting after 18 years, one that is a new plant of 1 year, and a large church that is becoming a very weighty, influential community in her city and beyond. Very strategic stuff.

For September, here is our ministry schedule:

Labor Day weekend off - simply enjoying the ministry of others, Although...
Sunday night 2nd we are hosting a dinner for potential church planters at our home,
Thursday, 6th - Exploration, our monthly gathering of planters and pastors picks up again - we will interview Darren Rouanzoin, planter and leader of The Garden in Long Beach...
Sunday, 9th - Houston, at the opening of One Life's new building, love this community and the story they are unfolding,
Sat 15th / Sunday, 16th - Rock Harbor here in OC, doing the 6, 9, 11 gatherings,
Sunday night 16th - the Genesis prayer crew will meet at our home for some friendship and prayer,
Sunday 23rd - Redemption Church in Costa Mesa - church plant of Phil and Jen Wood,
Mon 24th - Wed 26th - gathering of Lead Couples who journey with us here in North America for 2 days of fun, friendship, theology, prayers, ministry, worship,
Thurs 27th - Sat 29th Urban Renewal hosted by Southlands Church,
Sat 29th / Sunday 30th - Rock Harbor at the 6, 9, 11 gatherings.

Thanks for all the love and friendship.

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  1. loved catching up on your blog. Continuing to pray for you and Meryl.
    kimi finley