Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Skype is a great church planters gift. Seeing the wonderous face of these heroes is so much more satisfying than calls or email. We had one of those wonderful skypes yesterday. Great feedback , matched with the joy of watching the family in full flight was quietened when asked what resources we had about elder's / pastor's wives. 

Well, we have our journey. We have our counsel and perspectives that we have offered others but nothing in writing. So, the suggestion was, why do we not start a blog and engage others in mutual counsel and prespective to share their story with us. So here we are...

We are going to spend some of our blogging time to explore the wonderful mystery of this most noble task.  

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  1. Jay Adams, in his book "Shepherding God's Flock", has a wonderful balance on this entity called the "elder's wife".