Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Morning all
My silence over the last week or so has been due to the mania of moving. SO Alan F teaches that can is sometimes late -[read Lazarus story] so I have to live his message! A fight to close escrow... that went 21 days late. The seller put the home back on the market. The loan was denied [which I was not told till later]. My new neighbour finds himself at our front door crying our on our behalf not to lose the house... what a fight of faith.

Now obviously there is much more to the story but this I know-we got the "keys" at 5:00pm on the 31st of the month. It went to the wire. It tests all your vulnerabilities-did I hear God? Was it my desire not a clear word? Tests all your theology. How sovereign is God? Is favor truly in the atonement?

OK so I relieved now. He is a wonderful God and always has been. He just will not let us stagnate. He loves us too much

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