Friday, March 5, 2010


OK all you clever people... this is your moment...

We are exploring the wonder of healing. The medical community have done so much good in bringing a quality of life to us, previously thought improbable. The understanding of healthier diets continue to empower us with knowledge, that allows for adjustments to better living.

However, I am seeking the magnificence of supernatural healing as seen in the bible, as recorded over the years in church history and is still available today. Many questions still prevail in this conversation. Any person who believes they have this one all wrapped up is guilty of simplistic, intellectual arrogance. It would seem God gives grace to the humble and that is what is needed right now-tons of humility with heaps of grace.

Here are some questions:
1. When did sickness and disease enter the world?
2. How did it do so?
3. Why does God even want to heal? Where did He begin to heal?
4. What are the causes of sickness?
5. What is the difference between Old Covenant and New Covenant healing?
6. What is the link between demons and disease?
7. What amazes you about Jesus' healing style?
8. Why are all not healed immediately?
9. What are the classic mistakes made in praying for the sick?

I would love to hear from you...


  1. For a good humble responce to these great and often asked questions may i reccomend the following books I have used in my years of research:

    * Dr jack Deere when the Spirit comes in power
    * Cannon Jim Glennon from Sydney " the Healing is within you... an expose on the inbreaking of Jesus coming to earth
    * Dr Ken Blue " Authority to Heal" ( brilliant)

    Warm greetings

    Paul Zanardo, sydney

  2. Hey Chris,
    Not sure that I fall into the "you clever people" category!
    I am delighted to hear that you guys are exploring the wonder of healing.I now live in the UK, left Glenridge two years ago(Glenridge for 10 years)- I have your watch.I have started seeing amazing miracles since I changed my mind on a few issues Rom 12:2. I never realized how my doctrines/theologies were simply shaped by osmosis! Some doctrines were never preached from the pulpit, however when the rubber met the road they all came out!! Things like: God knows the bigger picture, so therefore He is not healing you today! or put in nice christianese: God knows what's best for you and knows how much you can handle and so therefore He is allowing this cancer/epilepsy/asthma/deafness/blindness/desease/infirmity, to remain on you for His Glory. Quick question: How does sickness that remains on people glorify a God who calls himself HEALING?!
    Now I'm not able to answer all your questions with great theological insight and precision,but this I have learnt over the last year or so:
    Jesus died and rose so that we could have life and life abuntantly, SO if a person is not living in the abundance of life, I question who is at work in their lives?
    Everytime Jesus spoke about sickness/desease He attributed it to the works of the devil.
    As for Jesus' style I love the diversity of approach on seemingly similar situations.
    As for the non immediate healings, I still have some of my own questions, however, I know this: Jesus said YOU go and heal the sick, raise the dead and set the captive free.So when somebody is not healed, I need to take responsibility for that, however I am not condemned! I know some guys who tried,"failed" and for the sake of saving face returned to the theology of blaming God for the non-healing, even though God said He has given us everything that we need, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in us.
    Classic mistakes are when people start to ask/beg God to "come and heal" the person, we have the authority to heal the sick.
    The reason I answer some of the questions with such certainty is that these are things I use to do and believe, once I renewed my mind I started seeing amazing things happen!!!!
    Louise and I have recently done a Psychic fayre, 25-30 people prayed for, every single person completely healed or a significant improvement.Two years ago I would never have dreamt of even going to a Psychic fayre, now I pay for a stand and go in as a spiritual healer, every person that sits down gets the gospel and leaves with more than they came with!
    Chris I know that you are not the kind of man that gives up when all does not go your way, so I implore you to press in, hold on and see it through.
    You are welcome to give me a call or email
    +44 7775 625 336
    I'd love to hear about your victories.
    Theo Labuschagne

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