Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Healing intrigues me, delights me, amazes me, and the lack thereof, sometimes downright confuses and angers me.

There is something very extraordinary about Jesus and healing. What I do not believe is that Jesus is done with healing at the end of the apo era. Not only is it poor exegesis but it also reflects so poorly on the Jesus that I love and trust-the one whose mercies are new every morning-whose kindnesses can be shouted from the roof tops-who heals so many simply because of his compassion... and whose healing is so sweet in the atonement.

Nor can I live in the guilt producing dishonesty that is hidden under the pseudo-faith tag. This position rarely allows us to acknowledge sickness or if we have been prayed for, we are to walk around pretending we are well under the misguided notion that that is faith. Oh dear then to add heartache to pain, one then has to declare that if there was just enough faith, sickness or death could have been prevented. Jesus wants to heal everyone, now-this is what they say-is that true-is that true? If there is no healing it is the fault of those who are not in faith-is that true? Oh dear, such poor, tragic 'theology'...

For this month, we will explore this most glorious matter from the gospel of Mark primarily. This does require some honest reflection hopefully limiting our predetermined prejudice to a humble, teachable heart. Your thoughts, texts, stories are welcome. If it was a simple matter, we would have wrapped it up years ago. It requires enormous grace, patience and biblical honesty, even if it hurts. Come Lord Jesus and reveal your glory to us...

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