Monday, November 15, 2010

Reflections from Toronto

There is something exquisite about the early morning when the mists robe the tree laden skyline hauntingly. For those of us who live outside of the snow zones, we do miss out on some of the wonder of these mornings.

I have been coming up to Canada for about 12 years now. The Canadians are very intriguing people. Applauding the cultural diversity from which they come, the Canadians seem to have enormous grace to still honor the ethnicity of the new immigrants. Whilst there is an authentic pride in being Canadian, it does not come with an arrogance but a quiet gentle humility. They will give you respect and the benefit of the doubt, but to cross or dishonor them, is to incur their distance. It may not be combative. It will probably just be quiet disengagement. They are a very noble people, strong, courageous and tenacious — a people of God's choosing.

Then I went to a hockey game. It was like being at a cultural worship service. The music was inspiring, the big screens showed the words. The announcer provided the continuity as the gladiators pounded each other in regal combat. I loved it. The adrenals powered as I got into shouting my ignorant passion across the ice, assuming someone would find my perspective essential to the evening's proceedings. I satisfied myself with such ignorant wisdom taking the silence of my Canadian friends as obvious endorsement of my strategic perspectives. I actually think a few Afrikaner words splashed with some key rugby ideas resounded as I suggested "Slaan hom" as a fight broke out. A very good worship service.

These are not easy times for the church in Canada. It seems like there is a divine realignment as men and women are finding new collaborations in the kingdom. New roles and responsibilities are being placed upon these tender shoulders. The heavenly chiropractor is realigning stooped shoulders and lifting lowered eyes. There are good conversations being had on how to grow beyond the ceilings that have held the churches captive for some time. For some the old ways are being held on to with tenacious glee. For others, there are new ways being sought with hungry anticipation. I am glad I came. There is much partnership a father needs to bring into this next chapter over the next while.

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