Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stott: 4 cornerstones to All Souls Church London

While I was with Deryck Barson in New York this week, he showed me this quote that is worth getting to you - too long to tweet - but a good conversation piece:

At All Souls Church in London in the 1950s, John Stott pioneered a kind of church that united
  • vigorous gospel evangelism,
  • concern for the needs of the neighborhood and the city,
  • discipleship of people for the integration of their faith and their secular vocations, and
  • a high regard for expository preaching and theology.
Most churches, however, tend to major in just one or at most two of these—either evangelism/church growth or social justice issues or arts and culture or sound doctrine and exposition, and so on. All Souls and other traditional center-city churches (such as Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia) found ways in the last generation to balance these ministries and keep them interdependent and interrelated.

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