Saturday, June 4, 2011

CHurch Planting Conversation - C2C

I am not a big conference guy. The highly impersonal nature about these events always feels so strange to me. The very nature of my faith is its high relational quotient. From the intimacy of the garden, when the Father walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day, through Jesus doing life with his disciples, relational partnerships leaks through every page of the scriptures.

Therefore when we began to explore the notion of a church planting gig, we knew that it had to have a strong relational piece in the design. It also had to be interactive, conversations more than endless monologues. And then, thirdly, we wanted to hear from church planters and church replanters themselves, not just someone who did it years ago, or who wrote a book about it...

C2C seeks to fulfill those passions. Named as such after the big idea of "church planter to church planter" it is designed for those with a strong gospel passion:
  • who are church planters,
  • who are on a church planting team,
  • who desire to raise up and release church planters as hub churches,
  • who lead multi-sites / campuses,
  • who are seeking to establish these missional communities,
  • who are taking a church that has become stagnant, sluggish and is in decline and replanting her,
  • who wish to get refreshed, strengthened and freshly empowered after a time "in the field".
Catalyzed by Genesis Collective, hosted by Rock Harbor church in Costa Mesa California, C2C will run 18 - 21 October 2011. In the next blog I will give more detail of the shape of these few days together.

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