Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Living Legacy

Delighted my new ebook entitled "A Living Legacy" has been published by Exponential...http://www.exponential.org/

Todd Wilson asked me to write this book. When we were together in Miami a while back, he listened to our story and was intrigued by the raw radical nature of discipleship with the view to church planting.

As with all of us, we have enjoyed our journey, but never felt like it was particularly amazing or that different. M and I have simply loved journeying with mates, believing that we could change the world through church planting.

Thanks to Dudley Daniel, this audacious notion was seeded in our hearts, changed the way we did life, giving us a pretty wild ride.

Enjoy the book as much as I had fun and tender moments, thinking of the dear friends and their remarkable acts of obedience.

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  1. Just finished reading this book! Nice work!

    I had a question that maybe you could address for me...at the end of the book, in the FAQ section, you state: "it is imperative to do much homework about the theology that that community has been marinated in."

    How do you find this theology out? Is there a process?

    Thank, Chris!
    Paul Shaver