Friday, February 1, 2013

Hey friends

Here is a list of books I am reading right now - may be helpful:

Victor Frankl: "Man's search for meaning"
A remarkable little book that interprets man's quest for meaning and survival in Nazi death camps. A very helpful lens of such weighty matters.

James D Hunter: "To change the World"
I am finding his writings carry some important substance. Without grumpiness, he is challenging the common held perspectives on how evangelicals believe the world can be changed. Reading is slow but very impacting.

Leslie R. Crutchfield: "Forces for Good"
Assessing which key ingredients are evident in all Nonprofits that have held firm over decades. I think it is a good read for church leaders as it gives us different lenses on how we can be effective over the long haul.

Leon Morris: "Revelation"
Am enjoying his eyes on this very powerful book - what are the truly big pieces of this book - not the charismatic propensity for the exotic and existential.

Any good books you are reading?

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  1. Reading anthology of Japanese poetry from 700AD - such deep thoughts in so few words - and just finished J.M. Frame's Doctrine of God - such deep thoughts in so many words! :-)
    Working through Keller's CenterChurch, together with Tribal Leadership.