Friday, February 22, 2013

March 2013

Thanks for the prayers and perspectives.

Here is a quick look at the March calendar for M and myself -

Feb 22 / 23 M to teach at Redemption Church Ladies event; then teaches on Sunday at their main gathering;

Feb 23 / 24 I teach at Rock Harbor at the 6, 9, 11 on Acts 8

Feb 24 pm - teaching the Intro to Leadership at Southlands

Feb 28 - meet with all the LA lead pastors of the churches that we are working with in that city

Mar 7th our monthly Exploration - conversations for pastors & planters at Rock Harbor, followed by some strategic conversations about the way forward with new church plants;

Mar 8 - 11 off to Toronto to connect with our friends there as well as minister with Redhill Church

Mar 14th - lunch with Costa Mesa pastors we journey with;

Mar 17th - well Darren and Alex & crew at the Garden in Long Beach

Mar 21st - day down in San Diego with planters we are journeying with

Mar 22 - 25 off to Tyler Tx to teach and ordain elders at Harvest Church

Isn't that a cool month?

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