Monday, October 21, 2013

A Family of Churches

Hey guys

The last few months have been very empowering as we are finding more and more clarity in the unfolding genesis story.

The first part of clarity is that we are "A Family of Churches".

Simply summarized:
1.   We love the Family Hermeneutic
2.   We see God refer to himself as Father and Jesus as Son
3.   The apostles [esp Paul and John] use that language consistently
4.   God asked me "Will you be a father in my house?"
5.   We all desiring to be part of a strong, empowering brotherhood, forged on assignment together,
6.   There is a deep commitment to empower each church on their story [as parents seek to raise up their kids on their own adventure]
7.   There is a unique love for each other as God has knitted our hearts together,
8.   As with each child, unity and diversity is celebrated,
9.   Family does embody 'partnership',  so it is not just "what genesis can do for us", but a mutual commitment to love, service, faith adventure and sharing of resources as and where appropriate,
10. This is not an organization to join, nor a network to align with… therefore new guys can engage us through the door of relationship and see some 6 months later if they and we sense a God knitting of hearts, with a common theology, together on mission.
11.  We certainly encourage "churches planting churches" hereby maintaining uniqueness and integrity, but also see 2 Cor 10 say that there are new areas of mission that we will embark on that we will see us do it together.

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