Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I love staff meetings...

M and I ran 2 churches for 27 years... and loved it.

I remember the first Tuesday after we had handed the church over, that we sat looking at each other while the staff now met without us. What pain? What loneliness!

Why did I so enjoy this regular  Tuesday slot and what made it so important?

1.   I loved connecting with the team first thing at the beginning of every week - relationally. I loved having my fingers on the relational pulse of the team before we "got down to business". Coffee, laughs, stories and general update essential;

2.   We loved the scriptures - a good strong devotional or mission specific time in the scriptures always lifts our heads;

3.   We prayed together - not just a courteous prayer to invite Jesus in. Rather a good solid time for team prayer, be it in thanks for the wonder of his kindness as well as petitioning for the decisions we now need to make;

4.   Time: This meeting was not timeless - that drives all nuts. Grant everyone the dignity of a beginning and an end time. Start on time and end on time;

5.   We do need clarity of purpose. For the team to function as such, one needs to be clear on intent and objective, watching out for the rabbit trails that so easily hijack the meeting. Keep eldership conversations for elders meetings. Keep pastoring pieces for pastoring conversations. These times are great to translate vision into strategy;

6.   Collaboration requires all to be heard - beware of those with many words drowning out those who are quieter but crucial to the team. Orchestra the conversation so that all are heard and feel like their contribution is valid and essential;

7.   All of these meetings are most empowering when all the team leave knowing what their assignment  is for the next week. The ministry can be vague enough without us leaving folks to wallow in the endless waters of spiritual needs. Give them specific tasks that can be measured and by which they can be held accountable.

These are just some thoughts as I sit here in my study finishing my day here in LA.

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