Monday, January 5, 2015

New Mountain II - Faith

Faith is not the language of a movement that straddled the globe around the 80's and 90's. It is the most exquisite dance that we are invited to join.

When Jesus points Peter to the mountain he precedes it with "Have faith in God". There are so many ways to look at this little verse. I simply want to draw you into one of these, that has been so helpful to me recently.

In the grand old days of pomp and circumstance, the dapper looking young man would walk across the dance floor to graciously invite a most beautiful young lady to dance with him. As the band beats out a piece of rhythmic music, they elegantly and smoothly move across the floor - head held right, hands in the appropriate posture, feet sliding as if reflecting the romance of walking on water. I am told, a good male dancer, can in those situations, make an ordinary woman dancer appear effortless as he guides her through her paces. She in turn, trusts his tender, nuanced touches, gently one way then the next. [And yes I am an incurable romantic]

God has invited us to join him on a most engaging dance. All to often faith is taught, with so much effort placed on us, on our believing, acting, doing. Yet Jesus does not draw us to that conclusion. His appeal is for the 'bride' to 'trust him'. He has asked her for the dance and now she must slip into his arms and dance this great adventure together.

When the Father places us on a new adventure, he is asking us to trust him. It was his idea. It will fulfill his will. It will be done his way - in his time and with his partnership. That does not place us in the posture of fate. Not at all. We step onto the dance floor and dance with him, gently led on by his intimate touches.

Faith says, " I am weak, but you are strong. I am incapable, but you have chosen me. I am out of my depth, but you will pick me up. I am nervous and overwhelmed, but you will dance me through. I will embarrass you and me, but you will empower me beyond my natural abilities..."

We please him when we engage our faith with his invitation, because we trust him and dance the night away.

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