Wednesday, January 6, 2010

GOING HOME to 2010

The long flights home awaits T and me today. It has been a most outstanding vacation here in OZ. The double flight from Perth to LA, keeps us in the travel zone as we anticipate the joy of the seeing the crew at the Gallery soon. T has his first rugby game of the season on Saturday and I am back in the pulpit on Sunday.
2010 promises to be a huge year, I was told that Tony Fitzgerald said; "2009 would be a year of repositioning whilst 2010 would be a year of harvest and great fruitfulness". I am not really into the 'theme for a year' thing. However if there is prophetic truth in that announcement, then my faith certainly engages with it.
For many 2009 was a very tough year. The spiritual journey seemed to be loaded with challenges and warfare rather than celebration and victory. Of course, the scripture encourages us to walk through the valley of Baca and make it a place of springs. There are no shortcuts on that spiritual journey but to go through it. As a father, I have had to learn not to take challenges from my children, The tearlessness of heaven awaits us there, but down here we will find our Jesus in our pilgrimage. We will find the richness of our God in the shadowlands of life's pain. There, to the scripture's fathers, he was their comfort, their strength, their healing, their grace, their empowerment, their friend, their partner. This is so often a lonely road. Our wonderful saviour will not let any relationship be 'God' in our lives. In the "valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me". We all have those God only stories. Tell them to your children.
So 2010 is here. At a most elementary level there will be much growth in grace, faith and the gospel understanding. I keep hearing the Holy Spirit call us to deepen our relationships but keep our hearts open to the new friendships, alliances and partnerships he is bringing our way. Retain and grow in His joy. There is a deep victory cry that slaps the enemy when we find a joy that speaks of what Jesus has done, is doing and will do in our lives. If it is true that the providence of God is where his sovereignty and goodness meets, then may we drink deeply from the wonder of this understanding. There is also a call to simplicity. I wonder sometimes if complexity is not just a kernel of truth overloaded with a ton of our humanity. Not all bad, but not all helpful.
Fascinating faith is what stirs in my heart. I know there is so much more he is doing in me. I am not maverick- I find no value in walking alone. The notion of a 'partnership of peers' as well as a 'fellowship of apostles' continues to intrigue me. The 2010 journey will sharpen our friendships whilst defining our callings for this new chapter with greater clarity. Hope to see you all soon...

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  1. Hi Chris!

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Aussie.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and thoughts. Your personal journey mirrors what many of us have been trying to chart our way through. What has grabbed me in particular has been your call and reminder to make sure the gospel is at the centre of all we do and are. As I have been pondering the implications of what at first seems a simple & obvious thought, I have been struck and stirred with the seismic implications for every aspect of personal and church life.

    I am thankful for what has been, but as we approach this next year here in Canberra, I want to see the gospel given the focus, priority and elevation it deserves, both in me and in the church.

    We look forward to journeying into a great future together with our friends across the nations.

    Keep it real and keep it coming!
    Matt McGaw
    Fusion City Church
    Canberra, ACT