Saturday, January 9, 2010


Don't you love the first two chapters of Genesis? I love soaking myself in the pre-fall wonder of the first creation. The beauty, simplicity, evolving creative reality bears many repeated visits. And I love the affection of perfect worship as seen in those mysterious days.
What must it have been like to have walked with the Father at the cool of the day? Three of them walking, running, skipping, laughing, dancing to the tunes of glorious songs of the angels and the animal world in endless harmony. Lost in a world of wonder must have been their musical demeanor. Adam, Eve and the Father.
Eve was created to be a worshipper, a lover. Weightedly in her wondrous psyche, is a trigger of responding worship that can drive her ever deeper into his presence. I have had the greatest honor in the world to have watched my wife for 29 years worship the Jesus she loves. I am not sure if there is anything sweeter or more wonderful in the world. My daughters have amazed me as they found their own faith in their Jesus, and filled our home in ceaseless worship in wonderful harmony. As my eldest is now leading a church with her man, I have loved her passion to see a church throbbing and thriving in worship. Lovers, worship, affection intimacy... it is all in there.
Biblically there is no gift, calling, ministry, job description called "pastor's wife". Therefore one cannot teach it as an entity. I am not even sure there are model's to be imitated or styles to be duplicated. This invariably will lead to bondage and destructive checklists that will, in turn, lead to condemnation. Oh the tragedy of how many of these precious daughters of the Father who have lost their joy and wonder, for they have been reduced to a bundle of unfulfilled expectations and unmet aspirations. Shutters of survival have come up to protect broken, lonely hearts from more pain and damage. Failures have wickedly whispered their criticisms daily, with the dark of the night being the cruelest times.
But when women worship, the throne room of heaven lights up. Those who partner their man in salaried pastoral ministry, can rediscover the sense of guilt-free wonder when they find their place in worship. At the cross there is no crown but his, no condemnation, for he has already made propitiation on our behalf and restored us to favor. The wonder of our unique individuality is rediscovered as lips are filled with praise.
Ladies you were born to be lovers-you were born to be beautiful, affectionate, intimate and born to sing. That is where you true self is discovered. Forget the role of pastor's wife and find you affection once again. When a wife worships, her husband is inspired, her children will find their faith and a congregation will join in holy affection. Even if she has no other task in the life of the church, this is the most noblest of all good works. May heaven hear your voice in worship and the earth will sense the spiritual climate change in your heart, in your home, in your community- and that will empower your man to go to war!

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