Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh the pain. The glaring trauma of a nation under the shadow of the dead, dying, destitute has flooded the TV screens around the world. Few of those who have ever walked through the dumbstruck, soul numbing pain of an event like this, can fully comprehend a nation flattened in an act as devastating as this. Our heart breaks for you.

The sheer danger, destruction, deluge has us reeling from the TV images. The fact that bodies are strewn across the streets alongside crumpled buildings stirs our deeply tender hearts. We cannot but silently ask "Why Lord?" As we wrestle with our own theology, we read of the cruel Christianity offered by some, that this is clearly an act of an angry God against a rebellious nation. Their brash, cold, unbroken hearted prophecies speaks of a God that I do not know.

I am not an authority on these matters. My bible speaks of these being the signs of the last of the last days. Christ clearly warned of the days to come. A friend from the UK speaks of "God weather, Demonic weather, and Weather weather..." We have to be so careful before we can assume to know which of these three a given moment may reflect. Furthermore, we have to be even more careful to believe we can speak on behalf of God to provide a divine summation of a situation as painful as this. So often those who do, do so out of a very fragile eschatology [end time theology], who are principle driven rather than truly Holy Spirit led and who speak without tears of trauma in their eyes. Their lack of compassion wearies me. When Jesus spoke over what was to come to Jerusalem, he wept. These are not light weighted matters and cannot be spoken of as such.

To the people of Haiti, we mourn with you in this national tragedy. We pray with you and for you. With gratitude, we see ships steaming to your aid and tons of survival essentials are being flown to your doorstep. Thank you to the doctors, relief workers, government agencies and all who are seeking to lift the bewilderment of your overwhelming trauma. May God empower you with grace, faith and strong leadership to rebuild your limping, hurting community . May the Father heal the deep brokenness so evident in the eyes of the survivors. May the power of the gospel gain fresh traction to "bind up the broken hearted, set at liberty those held captive..." May not politics but love, drive the major voices in your restoration. May the church offer hope to the lostness that overshadows these shattered lives. In His precious name...


  1. Wow! Chris, as I am sitting here finishing up my thoughts for tomorrow's message, I got your tweet and knew that I had to read your post.

    I am preaching on this same subject. My heart has ached this week as I have watched and listened to those who would have us believe that every time these tragedy's occur, God's wrath is behind them.

    I am opening my message by reading a letter I post in a blog in 2008. I am placing it here within my comment to show my support to you and all who stand opposed to the harsh accusation of God on these matters.

    Bless you brother!

    To all survivors of - 9/11; hurricane Katrina; the tsunami; the war on terror; the Amish slayings and most recently, the Carolina beach fire.
    To the homosexual community.
    To those whose innocence was stolen while abused at the hand of those who were called to show the way.
    To those who have been judged instead of supported with grace.
    To single moms who have been shunned instead of girded.
    To the many other groups and/or individuals I have not mentioned here by name...

    I'M SORRY!

    Let me explain, I am a Christian leader and I have been very frustrated for some time about comments and protests that have been made "in the name of God" by those of the Christian faith who claim to represent Him in the vocational capacity. I am not going to name any certain group, individual or denomination as that would simply add to the problem. I must also confess that in the past, I too have made judgments and held to certain opinions that I am now ashamed of.

    In my frustration I have said many times… "When are we (Christian leaders) going to shut up about 'God's judgments' and tell of His love and acceptance when it comes to tragedy's" (natural or caused by man). I feel so hurt, ashamed and sad every time that some "pastor" or group of "Christian protestors" stands by and boldly proclaims that the reason for any of these events (esp. those mentioned above) is because God is mad at our sin and has unleashed His fury upon certain groups of people as a result.

    I am not trying to promote anything with this letter other than to say that GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU, HE LOVES YOU AND HE WANTS YOU!

    To any who will read this and say, "Yea right, I've heard this before"… unfortunately, you're right and again – I'M SORRY!

    I simply ask that you would not hold God accountable for any of these tragedies and especially for the misrepresentation of Him, by His servants. We are only human and full of sin like everybody else. Please reconsider your opinion of the God who loves you enough that He sent His only Son to die on your behalf so that you could be forgiven and find love, hope, freedom, wholeness and purpose!

    God loves you and so do I!

    I hate to use a title, but I want to close with mine so that you will know that not all Christians or pastors hate you or agree with the hurtfully wrong things said in the past days, months and years…

    In His love,
    pastor Adam