Friday, August 13, 2010



Some key questions that are worthy conversations with your strategic thinkers as you prepare for the new chapter in your community:

  • What are the three most important things the Father has said about your church?
    • How have you reached this conclusion?
    • Who have you discussed this with?
    • How have you kept this before the people?
  • Currently what are the three things that you do really well as a community?
    • How has this been determined?
    • How are you affirming this?
    • How can you ensure that these things continue to be strengths?
  • What are the three things you are least effective in?
    • Locally and translocally, who do you process this with?
    • What steps are you taking to upgrade these weaknesses?
    • Where and who can you learn from?
  • What do you believe is the God – emphasis for this next season?
    • What is the main bible-book / texts that will be preached through?
    • How has the priesthood contributed towards this focus?
    • How is this emphasis best communicated, in all its forms, to your community?
    • How can the message be aided by media / drama / music…?
    • Who should be included with the preaching team, God stories?
  • Regular discussions that can to be revisited at least annually:
    • How often do we have corporate prayer? And how do we ensure this is a priority in our community?
    • What, where and how does your church engage in theological studies? What is your role in that?
    • Leadership:
      • What form does your leadership training take? What are the essential ingredients in this training? Who does it?
      • How often do you meet with all the leaders [past, present and future?] What is the purpose for this gathering? What is the format that best suits this agenda?
      • Who are your ‘franchise players’? What are you doing to ensure they become the pivotal players that you believe they should be?
    • Is discipleship a key cornerstone in your community? How is it communicated? How is it facilitated?
    • Do the newcomers to the church or new believers, have a clear sense of the track that they need to be on:
      • To grow to maturity,
      • To belong to community,
      • To express their gifted passions?
    • Are all our current programs, activities and facilities those necessary for the task at hand?
    • Being missional has many expressions – does your community understand this weighty calling? Is it growing in their daily lives? Are they feeling the weight of the nations, seeking to serve there in some capacity every few years?
    • To whom are you accountable – locally and translocally? Who do you dream with? Who are you honest and vulnerable with?

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