Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey guys

This is a quick read from info I shared with the pastors here in LA.

    1. What ingredients are essential for a healthy New Testament Church?

i. George Barna: Habits of Highly Effective Churches:

1. Rely on strategic leaders,

2. Organized to facilitate a highly effective ministry,

3. Develop significant relationships within the congregation,

4. Invest themselves in genuine worship,

5. Engage in strategic evangelism,

6. Get people involved in systematic theological growth,

7. Utilize holistic stewardship practices,

8. Serve the needy in the community,

9. Equip families to minister to themselves.[1]

ii. Dudley Daniel the founder and former apostolic leader of NCMI:

1. A genuine and deep love for the Lord,

2. True worship as a lifestyle,

3. Meaningful relationships in the body,

4. Living healed with an outward vision,

5. Effective evangelism as a lifestyle,

6. Training and releasing leaders,

7. Everyone maturing together,

8. Working meaningfully with a translocal, apostolic / prophetic team,

9. Living with eternity in mind.[2]

iii. Acts 2: 1 – 47

1. All of them was filled with the Holy Spirit,

2. Listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man…

3. Devoted to… the apostles teaching,

4. … to the fellowship,

5. … to breaking of bread,

6. … to prayer,

7. Many miraculous signs were done,

8. All the believers were together,

9. Gave… to anyone who had need,

10. Met together in temple courts… homes,

11. Praising God,

12. Lord added to their number daily… saved.

iv. Here are some of my thoughts on healthy churches:

1. Hold to a clear Trinitarian based, gospel centered theology, strongly preached, gently applied,

2. A passionate pursuance of a Word and Spirit journey, whilst we remain sensitive to the culture and context conversations,

3. Clear leadership, well trained, biblically qualified, God anointed and appointed with the freedom to lead,

4. Priesthood of all believers is both believed and practiced in all matters of community life for all believers,

5. There is a strong sense of compelling community that is a major God healing ingredient,

6. Personal and public commitment to praise, prayer and piety,

7. Giving is a revelation that starts with honoring God with our ‘first fruits’ and includes caring for the needy,

8. Being missional starts with our ‘Jerusalem’ but is continuous to the uttermost part of the world – from marketplace engagement to church planting…

[1] From old notes of mine from the 90s. I included this to show how Barna has shifted out of his frustration with the church. It also gives an inkling into the ‘seeker friendly’ era that he prophetically challenges.

[2] From Dudley’s notes I edited into Lets Talk magazine-an in house communication tool.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated especially since we are a young church 2 years old.
    blessings with our love
    Arnold & Gisela Nel