Sunday, August 1, 2010


A movement that refuses to take on some organizational characteristics - authority, tradition, unity of belief, and quality control - will fragment and dissipate [from Tim Keller]

This quote is from a very powerful article written by Tim Keller - it is worth both a read and a study. The new should surely not throw out all that is old. The true genius of leadership is to extract the very best from the old, cut and pasting it into the new without losing the wonder of the organic. As students of the past, we know that an over reaction to the yester-year will leave us needing to learn her lessons again. Rather, lets keep the spaciousness of the organic, yet live with comfort and trust of architecture, shape and form.

The wonder of this gospel journey is that we do it with friends... even Jesus said that. However, this friendship is not a one-dimensional solution to rid us of the fear of institutionalization. The New Testament sketches for us a way that includes gift recognition, partnership, unity, government, leadership, pattern, togetherness... no one saying I have no need of you.

We will pick up this conversation again. I just wanted you to enjoy Tim's article:

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