Thursday, March 17, 2011


Genesis Collective will host C2C at Rock Harbor in Costa Mesa California in October.

This is intentionally not a conference but a "conversation". The nature of the event is to limit the number of planters and pastors to under 200. That way we can engage the catalysts on their subject. Interaction is pivotal to the gathering.

We will also interview planters throughout the days to get their stories, successes and failures - from local LA plants to USA plants to North America to the nations. We will add to the day, coffee moments with those Eph 4 gifts who work with plants to hang with small groups to dialogue around the lessons they have learnt whilst working with planters

The dates are 18 - 21 October.
The venue is Rock Harbor in Costa Mesa CA
We are looking to have the website up around the end of the month, - March
At the moment, you can contact me at
The primary catalysts who will join us are
Jeff Vanderstelt from Soma Communities in Tecoma WA who is planting missional communities passionately, he is also VP for Acts 29
as well as Terry Virgo who is the apostolic leader of New Frontiers from the UK who has been leading a church planting movement for some 30 years

Will keep you posted

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