Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Kind of Believer we want to produce II.

This is such a key conversation, yet one so infrequently had. When an army gets in a raw recruit, the boot camp is intentionally designed to take the civilian and "beat" them into combat readiness. When a recruit arrives at the Police Academy, they are fashioned and formed into men and women, who can withstand the harassment of the public when arresting a suspect, to being able to be warm yet unswerving when they issue a driving fine and so on.

The bible is not silent on the kind of believer / Jesus lover / Jesus Follower we need to disciple. As we engage ever deeper into the last of the last days, we need to be ever more intentional in our believer instruction. There are many ways to approach this matter. These few blogs simply want to empower you to have the conversation to reach your own conclusions.

What kind of world are you preparing your believers to face?

What kind of challenges will they need to show courage?

What kind of enemy engagements will they encounter?

What are the essential weapons they will need in their arsenal?

What scripture / theology will be vital for their journey?

How will they handle the relational pressures that will seek to isolate them?

How will they need to deal with fear and the threat of the "love of many will grow cold"?

How can they keep their call tom leadership even though leadership will be increasingly disrespected and dishonored?

How will they handle persecution when it comes — overtly or subtly?

These are a few key questions that need to be asked and an intentional response designed.


  1. Hey Chris

    This is awesome - challenging questions, so I guess the 1st step is to challenge people into thinking about these questions.
    We have to challenge - we cannot just accept the norm.

  2. Thank you Chris. I especially like the question about "cold love" I was at Southlands a few months ago when we gave your goodbye talk... my daughter plays the piano there. I appreciated your point about the love and relationship between the Father and Son that is the basis for all relationship.

  3. Brad - Hey Chris, These are some great questions, that also apark off others in my mind.
    I think that we as leaders need to honestly ask ourselves these questions, settle the answers in our own lives and have convictions of Gods call. Then from that place we can ask these questions of those whom we have the pleasure and responsibility to lead, equiping them to maturity so that they too can answer with absolute conviction.

    Great convo.