Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Q's

From my friend Nick Davis in the UK:

If Intelligence Quotient (IQ) were somehow a true measure of mental acuity and capacity, high IQ would speak of the potential for "competence".

If Emotional Quotient (EQ) were a true measure of good soul management and relational skill, high EQ would speak of the potential for "intuitiveness".

If Spiritual Quotient (SQ) were a true measure of transcendent vision and inner ambition beyond survival and current success, high SQ would speak of the potential for a zealous, "goal-directed humility" (D Whiteside).

So, mature ministries that develop over years are competent, intuitive and humbly zealous. Some can be highly competent but have no genuine awareness or love interest in the welfare of others. Some can be intuitive but invulnerable. But God seeks to develop ministers who are intelligent in living, involved in people and intimate with Him.

Books, study and life experience activate IQ. Working with people tests and stretches the EQ. But only worship, meditation and secret devotion can enliven the SQ. Yet, it is SQ - the most neglected of the Q's - that emblazens both IQ and EQ.

I can love books without loving people. I can love people without a devotion to God. But I cannot find higher devotion without becoming better with people and more hungry to learn about God and His creatures.

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