Thursday, August 18, 2011


My silence has been journeying through South Africa and nor having wifi readily available.

I would like to reconsider the eldership conversation in the light of all that the Father is doing around the world. Would anyone like to feed through your thoughts?


  1. Hi Chris
    Would be interested to hear what you have seen "around the world" that the Father is doing!

  2. From John de Beer (elder at JoshGen)

    Interesting that you've picked up something fresh on eldership. I do believe that the function of "elder" is a complex one. For long it was used (in South Africa) to describe a full time 'pastor', who devotes himself to people (and their coffee), prayer and preparing to preach. While the church here seems to be on a very slow increase (all over), much of the mindsets need to shift, to allow a "new breed" of elders to emerge.

    Is our God not wanting to release a "metro-elder", much like the metro-male term that is widely used. I believe this new breed of elder is one who is contemporary in his thinking yet relevant in "fleshing" these values out. He is a thinker. He is not afraid to ask questions about why it hasn't worked and who it hasn't reached. He's bold and unashamed to declare God's word, but not with the religious cheezy charaismata that much of the church is caught up in. No, he's anointed and spirit led, in a way that's attractive, powerful and friendly. He's also very very diverse, able to juggle many spinning plates - graced and gifted. Oh yes and its NOT a job. No, he's content and certainly not in competition with the world fads of how to be happy. He's totally secure. Then he's a family man who knows when to play on the beach with his kids and when to get stuck into prayer. Balanced.

    I'm not sure how the role of "elders" are changing. But the basics will always be there. Its just the icing on the cake that might differ.