Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glenridge... my notes from Sunday

The Glenridge Transition.

Feel extremely honored to be part of the Glenridge story.

We did not know that all this would have happened when the 40 of us started out back

in 1983. We simply had a dream in our hearts. I am not even sure that we knew the

width, depth and breadth of this dream.

All these years later, we stand on much a major weighty and pivotal moment in the

Glenridge story. My mandate today is to charge you, the wonderful Glenrdge

community. You have made this more than we ever dreamed. You believed in us when

we were young, wild and foolish. You saw something impossible being birthed beyond

our youthful excesses and leadership impediments. You bought into a God authored

dream that took us on a redemption journey that has covered the globe with Gods

grace, and engaged friends on a sacrificial journey together. You are the true heroes of

the story. We were in the ops rooms planning, startegizing, praying and believing but

you all have hit the beaches with the conviction that we have a job to complete... We will

change the world.

Genesis introduces us to 3 essential pieces of this shaping:

1. Time

2. Seasons

3. Redemption

Time.... Introduces us to the notion of life is a story made up of daily unfoldings like

pages turning as well as chapters, chunky God times in our lives...

Seasons... Whereby God gives us a new truth, a big idea and stakes it into out hearts

through all the tests that the 4 seasons bring

Redemption... Which was announced to Satan when the Father said: "he will bruise

your head and you will bruise his heel"... I suspect all the angelic hosts leaned forward

to see what would happen now... Something powerful was just announced but they did

not know what that was... The great pro to-evangelicum.

To this great community, I call you to the author of this great redemption story...

When Joshua was set up for the new chapter in the Israel story of redemption, we tend

to take Joshua chapter 1 and focus in on Joshua or the people, yet the true emphasis of

the chapter is God. These precious people were about to encounter the Father in ways

they never had. This is a chapter of discovering the Theology in Transition:

- the Lord said... He is the intimate, affectionate, immanent God who does not watch

from a distance... He speaks and needs to be listened to out of his love for us,

- the land I am giving you ... He is generous, exceedingly abundantly more that we can

ask or imagine,

- as I promised to Moses- he is a God on continuity, a Multi-generational God, who does

not lie, there is no shadow of turning in him!

- as I was with Moses - the promise of an ongoing adventure... This is not over yet, the

gospel still has to be preached, there will still be times of uncertainty, doubt,

vulnerability, questioning these leaders and wondering, but as I was with Chris and


- the land I swore to their fathers - he is a God of blessing and inheritance, there'd are

many lands to confuse shores to reach, businesses to establish, schools to facilitate

churches to plant, homeless to house, great gospel stories to discover...

- have I not commanded you - we serve of God of the word! We drink the word, study

the word, chew / mediate on the word, obey the word and never get stuck on a one

season revelation of the word, but continuously humble ourselves to new

understandings and new calls to obedience,

- the Lord your God is with you - the great paracletos, the wondrous adventure of faith,

the sense of awe that God believes is us, has called us to live a life that is humanly

impossible, but with God all things are possible, this is an adventure of faith, and

onlyGod can make this happen if we obey... there's are new battles to fight and new

enemies to conquer

- the Lord your God is providing you a place - every person is essential, valuable,

strategic, a place where you can offer your divinely appointed contribution to let this

kingdom advance, his will be done, like heaven like earth

- the Lord gives you rest... Find his favor, grace and satisfying presence, find the

sabbatical God... This is not a time tone driven, productivity minded. Find rest in this

chapter, living in the sabbatical nature of our God.

1. Embrace this new chapter... Meryl, the great Glenridge team of the first 14 years

laid the foundation... A radical community of friends who be so inspired by the

wondrous gospel story that we would lay down our lives for that and do it with

friends.Lose that and we lose the essence that is Glenridge. We were born on the

streets of Durban preaching this glorious gospel.

2. Rory, Mel and the team in the next 14 years took that foundation and enlarged her,

adding to the stones that we put in place greater understanding and revelation, and

then put Glenridge in her rightful place as a church that was tender and sensitive,

strong and tenacious, intimate yet large, personal yet impacting

3. Now in this new chapter, whilst upholding the fundamental DNA, Ryan, Melissa and

this team will take you on an entrepreneurial adventure. It will be strong and bold. It

will be characterized by courage and zeal. There will be a strong Holy Spirit leading

matched with clear gifts of leadership and administration needed to catalyze this

growth. Once again you will hear the battle cry "we have never been this way

before." buy into this journey with graven humility , a sense of historical continuity yet

- new horizons, unchartered waters and a strong gospel centered energy that will

drive you, motivate you and captivate you.

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