Friday, August 19, 2011

Prophetic Word - 4 Years later

Prophetic words are not just to be processed / weighed at the time. I review of the word and its accuracy needs be made a few years later to test its veracity. Here is a word given in London in 2007. It was given to a group of leaders about the next few years. I am astounded by its accuracy and how it has happened....

"God is linking hearts and hands across various streams all over the world. The way in which we operate as a team, of necessity, needs to adjust. It is a very exciting and strategic time for us as a team yet a critical time. We need to be so focused on God and His plans that we are like Amos 3:7 says “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing this plan to His servants the prophets.”

I felt that we need to open our hearts and see what is really inside them because as God brings strategic people across our paths for cross-pollination, there must not be any pride or arrogance. God wants to pour His Love into our hearts so that we can truly embrace those of other flows.

I believe that the way in which we have been functioning has been shown to us by God but He is saying that season has now come to an end. He has entrusted us with bringing into being the Biblical model and He is now calling us to move into a way in which we have never been before. I sense that the team within teams and the various teams are going to change in nature, as 5-fold people go out together and compliment each others’ giftings and bring a wider and deeper equipping into the Body of Christ.

I also feel that some lead elders are going to be ‘freed up’ to pursue the translocal in a new way. Some may hand over and yet others may be able to pursue this in a way that has not as yet been done.

I also saw this time as the birthing of a second baby - That we are through the 3rd trimester and into the birth canal. Labour brings pain and there will be, and have been those pangs which have been sharp and sore. However, the waters have broken and I believe that as this “second wave” of God’s plans for NCMI is birthed there is a greater outpouring of His precious Holy Spirit on us. In a natural family when a second child is born, you don’t discard the first or ignore the first-born, but together, as a family you rejoice in the new life that God has given you. In NCMI I feel that we are so very blessed and grateful for what God has birthed through and in the “first-born” but the season of new life is taking place. We have felt the movement as God has fashioned and is fashioning, as He has formed and is forming the next part of this plan for us. There is the excitement of the unknown and yet the sense of “how will this take place?” I feel God is saying it is still a “little by little” but each “little” is going to be a massive step. Adjustments will need to take place in a family to cater for the second baby and in our team, lead elders, elders, deacons and saints hearts need to be wide open to the new thing that God is doing.

As a team, once again and yet again, we need to model this with humility, wisdom and love."

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