Saturday, September 10, 2011

C2C in Oct

Hey all

It is so good to be home. A very fruitful trip but looking forward to this next spiritual semester. Being away has delayed some q's about C2C. Here is one of the questions:

Someone asked me who would benefit from the C2C convo we are having in Oct at Rock Harbor here in Orange County...

Given the interactory nature of the time together, I suspect it will be very helpful for:

1. The lead pastor - the ministry will be very empowering for captaincy and collaboration,

2. The elders - who, in team, will be wrestling with the primary matters that do lie before us,

3. Those planters - who are either new to the journey or who are wanting this journey, getting them there will be very helpful [including their wives],

4. The worship catalysts - we will have a number of worshippers lead, which will provide some width in the area where the ancient and the prophetic meet,

5. The kingdom entrepreneur - who blurs the lines between church and the marketplace seeking to empower both.

Hope this helps...

Don't forget to get your team registered

Muchos gracias

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