Monday, September 12, 2011

New Chapters

The Father is writing a glorious redemptive story. One chapter at a time. One

evolving moment at a time. As with the big meta-narrative, so with our lives. The Father

has been fastidious with the story of our lives. We are not the Darwinian products of random

chance plus miracle, in disconnected fragmented moments. Rather, we are the

wondrous players in a divine adventure, one chapter at a time.

Holding that each chapter has the full four seasons experienced, it is so sweet to see

the flow of the God life, as He sets out fulfilling his story in us - seeking to complete our

mandate as well as bring us to maturity.

So each chapter seems to have these ingredients:

1. New theology - God will reveal more of himself in each new chapter. It is so good to

find out what that is early in the chapter, not forgetting what he revealed to us before,

2. New faith - God is always loving to see our faith both current and fresh, ever growing -

that brings him so much joy - we can trust him,

3. New roles - that is so difficult. We do tend to attach so much punch to the identity /

roles we carried in the last chapter - especially if it was a very good strong, robust

time. Every new chapter does tend to change our roles. That tends to be very

vulnerable and uncertain, but it is the way of the Lord,

4. New financial trust - every chapter will have a new financial faith quotient. We often

desire that part to be of our story is now over - namely, we have learnt the lesson,

now we live in financial security, without challenge. This is simply not so.

5. New relationships - we certainly carry many of our relationships over from

yesterday's moments. However it seems like the scripture tends to indicate the

delight of new relationships in every new day.

6. New partnerships - there certainly is more to this Christian journey than only

engagement around the last chapter's collaborations. That is how denominations are

formed. The kingdom advances with new partnerships with each chapter... Here

loyalty and sentiment are volatile foes of the kingdom

Hope this helps... we have been there a few times. They are exciting but vulnerable times.

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