Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Prince has fallen

I received the second most dreaded call on Sunday. The first is someone close has died. The second is someone close has fallen. The absolute shock and disbelief flooded my mind as a distraught wife accounted the story that had just unfolded.

This is a most traumatic of stories. A son, a Jesus lover, a prince in our world had stumbled. Why? Noone can know for sure. Even speculating cannot be helpful as we simply do not know. We know the enemy is on the prowl - if he can't get us in our weakness, he will go after our strengths.

We know that ministry carries massive emotional expenditure, so we need to have dear friends around us who will speak honestly to us when they see the signs of wear and tear beginning to show - and we need to be humble enough to listen to them.

But this blog is not about possible causes and consequences. It is about respect, honor and love. Our dear friends need our highest value response. They need us to say little and pray much. They need our highest hopes, greatest faith, largest forgiveness, whilst we honor their privacy and space to take the needed steps forward.

We must say little. Knowing some of the details, I have been deeply disappointed by the misinformation that is swirling around. Please dear reader, say little. A prince has fallen, his wife is finding Jesus in the most traumatic of times, his kids are confused and hurting deeply. Now is the time to show true brotherhood, sisterhood, communitas. This needs to be Christian Community at her best. Our speech needs to be laden with hope and comments limited to what builds faith. Details are not important now. Please do not be inquisitive to create an information feeding frenzy - much of which is incorrect anyway. Rather let it be a time of "information humility" - I choose to hold my info and thoughts. God will bring all things to the light in His time.

A Prince has fallen. A wife is finding Jesus. Kids are hurting - please let this be our finest hour as we uphold them in our arms of prayer.


  1. Chris

    This is most inspiring! Thank you for leading many in truth and honour...

    We're praying and we won't speak much except words of hope and faith.

    Thank you!

    Mark Bailey

  2. Thank you, Chris, for lovingly correcting our perspective. Better late than never, we now begin to pray for him and his family, and for healing.

    Thanks again,

    Paula Hansen

  3. Thank you for this Chris,
    This is an opportunity for the Culture of Honour to manifest. We pray that the envelpoing of God's love and grace will bring lasting healing and full and genuine restoration of everything.
    DJ and Margi

  4. Well said, and lovingly from a father's heart.

    Greig Wegerle

  5. yes, well said. Thankyou.

  6. Beautifully written with a tender heart ~ a timely word for us all in this world we live in ~ and words that we need to hear as we focus our eyes on Him...

    Thank you

  7. I just hope he gets more mercy and respect than the rest of us!
    Dian Botha

  8. Fallen? What did he do, accidentally fall into a vagina while walking naked and erect? He did what he did on purpose. That’s the difference between those who take personal responsibility for their actions and neo-pharisees like you who tell others what God wants.