Friday, September 16, 2011

A Prophet's Call - the Word

"Now the word of the Lord came to me..." Jer 1:4

Recently I had meals with two prophets in about a twelve hour window of each other.
Well, I did not know that God had so much to say. Hardly anything that happened did not
have a "And the Lord spoke to me about..." in there. Sheesh, I felt quite awed by the number
of "God spoke" moments in our conversations.

I love prophets. They are so black and white, so persuaded that God speaks and they hear
him consistently, continuously and correctly. That is both inspiring as well as dangerous. We
know that none of us hear God perfectly all the time and even if we did, we only ever prophecy
in part, we hear in part and we understand in part.

Joseph believed he got the right interpretation of his dreams that he shared with such
pride, joy and naked ambition. May I suggest he missed the whole point? At the end of his life
if one was to ask him what the big 'google' picture was of his life, [did he still interpret the
dreams in the same way?]I think he would not have said that it was that his brothers bowed
down to him. Rather I suspect he would have said that the big picture / whole story of
his life was that he would always serve another man's story... first his dad, then Potiphar, then
the jailer, then the cupbearer, and then Pharoah. Joseph took a small part of the puzzle of his
life and made it the whole story with tragic consequences. Prophets are passionate to hear God
speak, but they must be reminded he never gives one person the whole story.

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