Saturday, February 19, 2011

Europe and the Apo story.

The older one gets, the more reality sets in on one's own contribution to the God journey. Like a great kingdom puzzle, we are so privileged to be part of this uber-picture. Each of us is vital, unique, essential "to getting the job done down the back stretch" [to use basketball language].

I am sitting in London. The early morning cold is sneaking in through the windows of the home we are staying in. M and I feel so honored to be ministering at Thameside Church this morning and evening. The tomorrow I am off to Holland. Why this snippet of personal info?

Europe offers such a wondrous gospel re-ignition. As it moves beyond the post-Christian mindset into a fully fledged 'pagan' worldview, Christianity will move from the central dictating faith story, through the modern dark ages of post-Christendom to the raw rough realities of a faithless continent. No christian can get discouraged by this moment. It is ours! Christianity is generally at her best, purest and truest form, when she is not the flavor of the month, nor the state religion, nor yesterday's news. The soil of Christianity's deepest roots are times of challenge, uncertainty, vulnerability, hardship.

Walking alongside the prayers of revival, reformation and awakening, is the necessity for the readying of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. I know this is one of my life's passions, however, I do believe the Father is calling forth the next generation of these 5 fold gifts for this new tight-rope time. The grass roots Spirit stirring will be matched by the accompanying growing governmental gifts that will give shape and maturing to these new churches as they emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of pagan Europe.

Who will help train these emerging gifts - like Paul did with Timothy and Titus? Who will be part of catalytic gatherings like Acts 13 when the Spirit of God met with these young stud leaders and empowered them with an apo-story? Who will take these young pagans, muslims and hipsters who come to faith - like young Apollos - and teach them this glorious gospel in a better way? My fear is that too many of the 'fathers' are too busy with their own stories that they do not have the time, energy nor priority to fan these young guns too flame. I hope I am wrong. This is a very significant gospel moment.

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  1. Chris,
    To me you are like a man humming a familiar, yet not extremely popular tune, and as time goes on, it seems to resonate more and more with those traveling by, to the point that the song takes words and forms harmony, becoming a chorus that many can march too.

    Gathering today with a new group of young potential leaders just talking around scriptures and sharing life together. Excited!!!!!
    Have a great trip my friend, love to M.
    Love Frikkie