Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the hill tops IX - "Gods"

I sit and write this blog from Dubai - a city that I have grown to love from coming here for many years. The early pictures of this parcel of desert, reflect the vision of a man who realized that Dubai did not have the resources that some of the other city states of the region had. So the decision was made to make "Dubai the Singapore of the Middle East". That is being achieved with visioneering intentionality.

I have so enjoyed the "From the hill tops" series. The Old Testament is such a treasury of truth. It robed some great and glorious truths of the God - journey within the culture of an ancient people. Simply exquisite, so whenever I hear some draw their six shooter and apply the title of 'legalist' to any who preach from the OT, I am deeply saddened. She is sacred scripture of the most beautiful, romantic poetry that reveals the father as he takes us on a narrative of his redemption story.

Exodus 32 is the well worn story called the 'Golden Calf'. It is full of drama, rebellion, false worship, anger and empassioned prayers. While Moses is in the Father's presence on the top of the hill, the people get impatient. Tragedy of tragedies. Impatient in the rhythms of God, is always a key to rebellion. Our human nature wants to control The story of the garden, the fruit and the snake continually reminds us of our default button to want to be in control. It is God who has to bow to our timing. Not we who have to bow to his.

They open their 'God Catalogue' and design a God that will seemingly satisfy their wishes. The problem is that when we design our own God, he cannot transform us for he only has the power we give him! When he then challenges us, we simply redefine him!

These gods are very expensive. They demand our wealth, but rarely give anything in return. Israel surrendered their jewelry for this god of their design. These gods demand feasts, partying, offerings and then the people 'eat and drink and rose up to play.' vs 6 The gods of pleasure, sports, careers, materialism, family... are very costly objects of worship. Whilst they seemingly offer fun and partying, they demand our all. They may require our marriages, our children, our peace, our true worship. They may rip our families apart and leave us empty handed, with an empty soul. Is it really worth it?

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