Friday, February 25, 2011

Home again

My early morning espresso, review of the day's news with my devotions, tells me I am home here in LA. My luggage did not make it. It is still winding its way across the ocean from London, but that is OK.

In an unscripted future, it is easy to be busy - but with what? "What does the Lord require of you?" is the Micah question M and I are visiting daily. To fill our year with 48 sunday preaching slots would be simple, but the kingdom advances intentionally. Questions like:
What is our strategic role here at Southlands and Rock Harbor ongoingly?
How can we best serve Orange County?
How can 'Exploration' be more effective and essential?
Which LA plants are we to priorities during these days?
Love the USA & Canada plants-simply love getting to them-which is the next plant?
The Alan Hirsch / Future Travellers partnership is gaining traction-next step?
Collaboration with other movements & groups is essential - but which ones?
Loving the evolution of the Dubai Dialogue and the ongoing partnership-next?
Investments in Europe, Africa, Australasia... continues to lie before me- but with whom?

It is great to be home.

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