Thursday, February 3, 2011

From the hill tops VI - Conversation

I am loving reading the Google story. In fact the title to the book reads: "Googled-The end of the World as We Know it". There is a most empowering look into how our world has been revolutionized by a new set of lenses and how life has been transformed through this super highway. One of my favorite quoted from the book reads that there is a: shift from the vertical world of hierarchy to the horizontal world of networks-create a vast networked conversation".

"The Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd" Acts 2:14. The new leadership approach is begin to surface to surprise us in the New Testament. Jesus did not hand over his apostolic authority or mantle to one man. There was new model sneaking through the pages of the text that follows two pivotal transitionary moment - both loaded with the Trinity. The first is the Matt 28 impartation where Jesus places his mantle, mandate, message and ways on the eleven.

The second is this Acts 2:14 announcement. It is not one man is the new king. Peter is not the "the man" to be the 'new Christ like leader'. He is simply the "man for the moment". The others see it, respect it and stand with him - very Trinitarian.

This paradigm is a most worthy conversation - and it must be made. The leadership pattern that begins to emerge out of the New Testament is a vastly different world from the Davidic approach of the Old. Whilst the Old is loaded with one man heroes, the New is overshadowed by plurality - "the apostle's teaching", "at the apostle's feet", "the apostles performed many miracles", "The prophets and teachers", the apostles and elders", "the elders"... This is indeed a good conversation to have.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I am a 25 year old from Durban South Africa. I am currently living in an inheritance, based largely upon the numerous sacrifices yourself, and various other men have made over the years.

    Firstly, I would like to honor you for responding to the call of God. Secondly, I want to acknowledge, and honor you as a father, for being uncompromising and unwavering in the Truth, even amidst tremendous opposition and persecution.

    I have attended Glenridge for the last 5 years, during which, the last 3 have been the most radical and transforming as God has radically begun to deal with my Character and Maturity. I felt to write to you to honor you, your wife and your family. I want to honor you for the things that you have laid down at the alter before the father.

    I am currently 7 months into my marriage with my wife Candice, and while things haven't exactly been smooth sailing the entire way through, I wanted to thank you for your actions many many years back that have set us up for victory. It is as though I can feel the weight of the numerous times that you and others have fasted, and cried out to God for his people. I came into Glenridge as an arrogant, pridefilled know-it-all and have slowly, and graciously been humbled, as the father has worked in my life.

    There is an unprecedented unity that has come upon Glenridge Church.

    I want to thank you for everything that you have sown into this church. I want to acknowledge a great debt of gratitude on behalf of Glenridge. As I said before, the father has made me very aware that the inheritance and Victory I stand in now is largely apportioned to the battles that you and many others fought on my behalf. Thank you for interceding for me, even though you did not know me. Thank you for contending for me, even though you knew not my name.


    Today I stand as a Son, set free by the one who gave His all for me.

    Thank you Chris, Meryll and family for all the sacrifices, tears, and prayer that you have sown into my life. I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of a church with such a rich culture of intercession and contending for the inheritances of others.

    God Bless you, your family and congregation.

    Much Love and appreciation,